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Simple Timelapse Videos and More

This post is an update to one written in 2018 as the process and software used has changed since then.

Over the years I have had requests to share the details of how I do the technical things that power the FarmCam. Below are instructions for using EvoCam to share still images as well as timelapse videos on a website to which you have FTP access.

Unfortunately, EvoCam is no longer being developed so everything in this article will likely focus on Version 5.0 (64-bit preview 3) of the software. At the time of this writing one can still download the software from reputable sites; however, if you cannot find it, email me. I can provide the DMG file, but I do not provide support for the software!  EvoCam works only on macOS, and I have tested it  up to: macOS Sonoma Version 14.3.1 and current run it on my Apple Silicon (M3) iMac (2023).

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Around here, NFT stands for Nice Freakin’ Timelapses! #NFT #Timelapse #Webcam

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