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Most Recent Images

The image above is the most recent image uploaded. If the date looks wildly off — in comparison to the weather widget, say — refresh the page or click one of the options above to launch a popup window which refreshes every 30 seconds.

The other images are the most recent sunrise, noon, and sunset available at the time you loaded the page. Click to enlarge them.


This stationary camera is located near the southwestern corner of Tunbridge, Vermont and points ~ 210º SW toward Killington Mountain.




Daily Timelapse Videos

Daylight Hours

The daylight video starts 20 minutes before sunrise and ends at 20 minutes after sunset (at our location). This means that videos will be longer in the summer and shorter in the winter.

If YouTube is your thing, you can watch the daylight hours video there. Please subscribe and click the notify bell.

Twenty-Four Hour

Just as it says on the tin, this video captures the entire day, darkness and all.

If you are interested in sunsets, this is the video to watch as the daylight-only version stops at sunset and often times misses some stunning colors.

Sometimes one can catch the moon, or a planet.

Live Stream

For the nerdy, the process is documented in painful detail.