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Live Streaming Update

I am still tweaking things behind the scenes, and trying to map out the best way to switch the daylight-only videos to 1280×720 with as little interruption as possible. But being restless means I am always looking for ways to break improve things.

So, whilst mucking about I decided to see what options I might have offer a live stream. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have a copy of SecuritySpy, which may not do all the other things I need, but is amazing software and does offer a streaming options via However, the downside was that there is no option for a password-free view, which is smart security.

Since I have already set up a YouTube account (*gag*) to help spread the Word of Vermont FarmCam, I have decided to investigate live streaming to YouTube.

Today I read up on how to use OBS to broadcast to YouTube, and was able to successfully add the RTSP URL. YouTube, however, requires a twenty-four hour wait before they will enable live streaming option on newer accounts, meaning I have to wait until then to get an API key and start. Makes sense.

What I don’t know is whether it will work as a full-time streaming option, or if I will turn it on and off at certain times; and if I can automate any of the process. It looks doubtful right now, unless I use a clunky Automator recording process, which I would rather not do.

If I let it run 24/7 I don’t know how YouTube will react to hours of black screen. When I was testing this exact same thing a few years ago, YouTube gave me a time-out because it claimed I was uploading garbage when I was testing using night images during a snow fall. Which is why I wonder if turning it on for daylight hours is the best option for now.

For now, head over to the project’s YouTube channel and see if the stream is running. To be alerted when we go live, don’t for get to subscribe and click on the notification bell. Also, please let me know what you think!