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📌 Greetings from Tunbridge, Vermont

This project is more of an obsessive hobby than anything. I have played with an online webcam of some sort or another since at least 1995 when I had a Logitech webcam on my desktop at work.

In 1996, I became enamored with sharing my point of view with others, and installed a VHS-C camcorder in the western-pointing window of the 8th floor apartment I shared in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

However, it wasn’t until my wife and I moved to our little farmstead in Tunbridge, Vermont that things really took shape.

While this domain is new as of July 2020, this FarmCam has been running on my personal site and our small business site since 2006. I have moved it to its own domain in order to better organize the project and the various tools that help automate much of the process.