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Don’t (Kernel) Panic! 🤪

As you may recall there has been a lot of effort (by me) put into trying to make EvoCam as efficient as it can be in regard to its resources usage. I figured if the software has been abandoned I have two choices: learn to program and roll my own EvoCam clone or do what I can to keep it alive, and hope that I find a replacement. Long time readers (LOL) know that I chose the latter, because the former would take too long, and probably drive me mad.

A few days ago we had our first crash since the modifications I made were put in place, and I am realising that the likely issue is a software bug in EvoCam which is causing a kernel panic. For not the first time I recently looked at the iMac and EvoCam had crashed, and the computer had locked up. Hard rebooting results in seeing a computer shut down due to an error message each time. I’m not a computer surgeon, but that doesn’t seem right.

That makes my next step to get down to the minimum number of open applications running and see if the issue continues. That will be EvoCam and Airmail. The latter because I use it to filter spam to reduce the spam I see on my other devices.

After that, my options appear to be to automate a restart of the computer and see if that helps. The crashes aren’t so frequent that a weekly restart would likely do the trick. Or I could try running EvoCam on my (currently) unused Mac Mini, and allow it to run as the webcam’ dedicated computer.

For now, we do our best to take care of EvoCam.