Noon All Year

Ten years ago I made a video titled One Year, which showed the founding of our farm; from the building of the barn, the digging of the well that provides water to the barn, the erecting of the fencing, and the arrival of the llamas and the sheep. However, that film was with the old analog camera pointing out a window, and — while I love it — entirely too long at over 16 minutes.

I have been looking for a similar project since.

Then, a little over a year ago, I got a request from Cousin Peter in Australia for a different sort of time-lapse film. Peter wanted to see the result of 1 shot at the same time each day from the Farm Cam, rather than a single day compressed into one video. A long term project, which I accepted.

Based on Peter’s request, I created a new action in EvoCam that would snap a photo at noon each day. That action would also collect all of those images together until I was ready to export them. And then I waited. [If you are interested in the details on how this on-going video project works, check the tutorial.]

Today I am ready to share the video, and I am pleased with the results. The final video is made up of 355 images, ten short of a year’s worth. This is due to power outages, or computer failures.

Note: All videos on this page contain music.

Noon All Year

Bonus Material

If you’re still here and want more, I also made videos of sunrise and sunset for one year, and set them to music as well. The clips that make up these time-lapses are shot at sunrise and sunset — set by my location — each day, collected in a file, and now I have exported them as short films.

A Year of Sunrises

A Year of Sunsets

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